I was asked recently to create a short video series for a mastermind group who invited me to share with them as an expert for an entire week.  This mini video-series was the result and speaks of how each woman can effortlessly connect to her own feminine core of REAL Self-Esteem, becoming truly radiant – a woman who is in touch with her deepest desires, expressing herself authentically while being magnetically attractive to others.  An esteemed woman who’s in touch with her selfself in this way is able to attract, create, re-direct and refine her life with ease, regardless of outer circumstances – creating and maintaining the life of her dreams!

Introduction – The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Confidence

How Healthy Is Your Self-Esteem?  Download The Checklist That Goes With This Video!


Part One – Connecting With The REAL You


Part Two – Expressing Yourself Authentically


Part Three – Accepting Yourself Completely (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!)


Part Four – Saying YES to Self-Responsibility


Part Five – Living in Faith vs Fear (and what that has to do with Co-Dependency)


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