Heal Your Breakup


Divorce and separation from a long-term relationship, especially if your partner chose to leave, is undoubtedly one of the most devastating events you’ll experience in your life. Not only does it stir up a monumental amount of distress, it also leaves you facing a major identity crisis across every area of your life.

But what if you could understand every painful twist and turn of this life-changing experience as a much-needed journey to stepping up and becoming the woman you were ultimately destined to be? What if you were to be given a “road map” for navigating the rocky terrain, along with all the guidance and support you required so that you could transform this challenging experience into your greatest opportunity to heal all aspects of yourself and your life, from the inside out so that you could go onto to create an amazing new life that you will feel proud and satisfied with/

Welcome to the Invisible Goddess Breakup Recovery Process – created by someone who has walked in your shoes and who can help you achieve all of the above. This is more than just a program that helps you heal from a breakup – it’s a personal development program that will help you powerfully re-create yourself and your life as a woman.  Are you ready to move through each step of your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual healing process?

The Invisible Goddess Breakup Recovery Process is delivered in two separate phases.  The First Phase is Essential Self-Care and helps you deal with shock, trauma and setting up you and your environment in a way that supports you in your healing process.  The Second Phase is Heal Your Breakup and helps you get off the emotional rollercoaster of anger, resentment, hurt, frustration and fear.


Essential Self-Care

This 7-Step instruction is essential for moving past the initial shock and trauma that occurs at the start of your breakup.  This is the first phase and if your breakup is reent it's important to start here. This is because your highly charged emotions are releasing a powerful cocktail of internal stress hormones that will wreak havoc on your physiology and result in insomnia, depression, heartache and losing stretches of time staring off into space.

Essential Self-Care will help you establish a simple but essential daily routine that builds a strong new foundation to replace the crumbling old structure. It introduces effective daily action steps that will assist you in cleaning up your diet, alleviating insomnia, moving you out of emotional numbness and setting up your environment in a way that releases calming hormones and helps you to start moving forward.

You will begin to build a healthier relationship with yourself and as you move out of "the primal fight or flight"response, you will be able to think more clearly.

This step-by-step instruction offers guidance, offers expert advice and walks you through powerful exercises and creation statements that help you pave the way for the next phase of the Invisible Goddess process – Rapid Psychological Transformation.

Heal Your Breakup

This 14-step instruction is essential for overcoming the deeper psychological issues surrounding your breakup, including your feelings of anger, resentment, betrayal, shame, disempowerment and fear. This phase of your recovery helps you make peace with where you are, addresses each of your destructive emotions and also guides you through completing an empowerment audit for each area of your life. You will be given the tools for dissolving your rollercoaster of emotions towards your ex and yourself - and complete the essential Vow Break. You will also be supported as you start to envision the kind of life you would love to be living. This phase of the Invisible Goddess process helps you heal and transform the grief, pain, resentment, fear and disempowerment challenges you are experiencing. This step-by-step instruction provides practical guidance, expert advice while walking you through powerful exercises and creation statements that pave the way for the next, more inspired phase of the process – emerging into an Inspired New Life. This third and final phase of the process can be located under the “Create a Life You Love” section of this website.