Create a Life You Love


Would you like to wipe the slate of personal limitation clean, start over and dare to dream big? It’s time to step into the fullness of who you are. It’s time to acknowledge and nurture the talents, interests and dreams you love and have always wanted to manifest. It’s time to start believing in YOU wholeheartedly and daring to succeed without limitations. It’s time to create the life of your dreams!

Formulate a powerful recipe for success as you transform and integrate both your inner self and outer world. Re-connect to your true potential and become intimate with the highest vision you aspire to for your future and create an action plan for attaining it. Every step of the way we will be working to replace your varying habits of self-betrayal with a healthy and sustainable new system of self-nurturing, self-belief and self-love. Set realistic goals and learn how to implement the action steps required for their attainment. Power-up every area of your inner and outer world, allowing yourself to dream, believe and achieve! You will also receive all the tools required to emerge confidently into your new meaningful and self-fulfilled life from a new place of inner freedom, love and self-respect, fully able to re-direct your life again at any turn in the future if you so wish.

This program consists of step-by-step instructions that provide practical guidance, offer expert advice while walking you through powerful exercises and creation statements that put you back in the driver’s seat, helping you establish the art of self-love and create your most meaningful life – for life!

The Invisible Goddess Create a Life You Love Program is delivered as follows:

Create a Life You Love

This 21-step instruction is essential for strengthening your inner connection, reclaiming your true identity, taking ownership of your future and creating the life of your dreams. You will:

  • Address issues of low self-esteem and low self-worth
  • Recognize your mountain of inner value and learn how to express this in your own unique way
  • Re-define your personal boundaries and activate solid inter-personal communication skills
  • Learn to self-nurture and protect the new life you’re creating in a healthy and sustainable way
  • Connect to your innate wisdom - learn to trust and follow your heart and intuition through your spiritual practice
  • Create an empowered new vision for your life
  • Learn to use your mind in a way that supports you instead of working against you
  • Set goals in each area of your life and create a practical action plan for bringing them to fruition.
  • Create a personal mission statement to help guide you through crossroads and difficult decisions
  • Discover the impact of “choice” and “will” on your day-to-day decisions and learn how to make conscious, healthier choices in a way that’s aligned with your own values, so allowing your vision to manifest
  • Learn how to stay empowered whether you’re in a relationship or not and be able to re-direct your life at any turn