Your Wheel of Life


The Wheel of Life is your road map to both inner and outer success. As illustrated below, a strong core of Self-Esteem lies at the centre – an inner quality that, when well developed, radiates out from your inner being across each area of your life magnetizing people and opportunities that line up with your personal vision.

Around that, the petals depict the Eight Areas of Life in which we all engage on a daily basis, whether we do so with awareness or not. These are the areas within which we can work to set and attain goals that are personal to us – in line with our own natural talents, abilities and desires – in order to live an empowered and self-fulfilled life. We feed each area daily, either with positive or negative energy, with action or apathy and this leads to the results we see in our lives. Any area that we choose not to empower invites in people and situations that overpower us – leaving us to see ourselves as victims of circumstance.

The outer rim of the Wheel of Life depicts the Personal Boundaries that we need to set in place in order to protect and preserve that which we value in life so that we can prioritise our goals and bring our inner vision to fruition.

It’s no coincidence that the complete image looks a bit like a mirror!  For as you look out into your world, what you’re really seeing is a collection of all that you have and have not invested in with your mind, heart and actions, reflected back at you.  No matter who you are or what you have been through, you always have the power within to change it.




The Eight Areas of Life

Your Physical Well-Being

This area is concerned with the way in which you relate to yourself and your environment physically. It includes your overall health and vitality as well as diet and lifestyle choices. It’s also concerned with how you feel about your appearance in terms of your body weight, image and personal style. And with what level of confidence you carry yourself and present yourself to the world physically. Please note that this is not about aspiring to become like the distorted air-brushed images represented in the media – this is about a journey to loving who you are, no matter what age or shape, and about being connected to your dreams and desires as you move through the world with confidence and grace. This is the epitome of true beauty.

Your physical well-being also extends to your physical environment, which includes the space in your home, your car, your office and the way in which your material possessions are ordered and accessed. Is your environment and the space that you occupy organized or cluttered?

Your Mental Treasure Chest

This area is concerned with how you relate to others through your thought processes and how you express accumulated knowledge. The knowledge you acquire and the way in which you share it with the world is one of the most valuable assets you have. The old saying “knowledge is power” certainly is true.
In the workplace, knowledge and expertise are exchanged for higher wages, recognition and career progression. In social circles it holds influence with others and magnetizes people, connections and opportunities towards you. In relationships it breeds respect, a sense of empowerment and interesting intellectual ex- changes. It also attracts exciting new opportunities.

On a much deeper level, this area is also intricately connected to how you perceive life. Do you look for the negatives instead of the positives or can you see both sides? Do you actively focus on strengths or only on weaknesses? Do you have an open or closed approach to life? Can you see change as a good thing or does your need to be in control close you off to new opportunities? The way in which you use your mind powerfully affects your choices and the way in which you continually shape the direction of your life.

Your Spiritual Connection

This area is concerned with your connection to your intuitive self and your intimate relationship with a higher power, whether you prefer to reference this as your Inner Guide, God, Higher Self, Universe, etc.
Here we find another powerful area that yields high returns on investment and is often an essential ingredient for navigating life and achieving personal success.

Your spiritual connection is not to be confused with your personal development. Yet, when the two are successfully combined, something truly beautiful emerges. Your spiritual connection is about knowing who you are at a deeper level. It’s about your ability to connect to your own intuitive guidance, having faith in a force greater than yourself that guides your life and being able to follow this faithfully. It’s not linked to any particular religion or organization – it’s a highly personal experience that empowers you. It’s an inner connectedness to wisdom and a knowing that’s totally exclusive of outer influence.

Your Professional Path

This area is concerned with the service that you offer to the world, usually in exchange for money. It is connected to your sense of purpose. When human beings are not contributing to their families, communities or society one way or another, they start to feel worthless and depressed.

Ironically, many people think of this area as the boring chore they have to get up and participate in everyday just to make enough money to get by. They fail to recognise that even by being a small part of an organisation, the skills and influence they bring to that organization play a vital role in the delivery of that service to the world. Equally, they are an integral part of the economy and the opportunities that their organisation generates globally through its services.

The less connected you are to contributing to life as a whole, the more the walls of your life will close in. Eventually you will start to feel insecure and worthless - like you’re stuck in a limited world that’s weighing you down, leaving you feeling small and insignificant.

Your Financial Assets

This area is concerned with the amount of savings and investments you have set aside to provide for your future and the way in which you can grow your existing assets so that, in the longer term, your money works for you instead of you working for your money.

What needs to be emphasized here is that this area is not about acquiring financial assets from which you consistently draw on to buy the things you want. It’s about building long-term financial assets that provide greater security and freedom for your future. If you feel powerless in this area is then you will need to map out a plan for getting yourself into a position where you can begin to save.

The way you handle your money, the things you choose to invest it into and the beliefs you have around it all have a massive impact on how much of it flows into or out of your life. If you handle it with respect it, it will work for you and you will be its master. If you don’t, it will work against you and you will be its slave

Your Intimate Relationships

This area is concerned with your relationships with those closest to you - your birth family, your life partner and your children. This area offers the greatest growth potential to the human soul of all the areas because it has the greatest potential to push our buttons. However, it’s only through engaging with the rich contrast provided by our closest relationships that we grow as individuals throughout our lives.

When this area of your life is strong, you have healthy intimate relationships and you are able to recognize surrogate friends and family whenever you are away from your own. You are also able to find the deeper truths to challenges you may have experienced with others in the past as well as any new family you may have created. You are able to let go of grudges because this understanding brings great love and peace and you value the gifts gained from each interaction, even those that you once labeled as unforgiveable.

Your Social Network

This area is concerned with the circle of friends that you interact with and also the influence you have within that circle. As we move through life changing and expanding as individuals in relation to our changing circumstances, the people we are friends with naturally change to reflect this and that’s normal.

It’s been proven that a healthy social network has a massive impact on self-esteem as well as the immune system. The human body depends largely on its intricate internal design of healthy networks to maintain optimum function - and the human psyche is no different. While some of us prefer to network within a wider framework and have many acquaintances, others prefer a smaller, more intimate circle. Both are fine but having them and keeping them is the key.

Your Personal Growth

More and more this is becoming an essential part of societal progression. This area is concerned with your growth and development as it relates to learning and reaching mastery over your thoughts and emotions as well as expanding your interpersonal skills and influence within your familial, social and professional circles. In a way, it’s almost a healthy rolling together of learning how to conduct yourself across all the other areas of your life as you maximize your ability to manage the obstacles of life.

A world in which success is obtained solely through individual effort no longer exists. It has ended. With the advent of social media, and the transparency it has introduced into our culture, we now live in a world where collaboration is the only true path to success. Never has it been more important to invest in your own growth and the growth of your relationships in this area.
There are hundreds of good personal development books out there and I also recommend exploring some good personal development seminars at which you are guaranteed to meet some really lovely, like-minded people.