Who Is the Invisible Goddess?

It’s me.  And it’s you.  And, at some point, it’s every woman.  If you’ve ever experienced any type of heartache then I’m sure you can relate to having felt a little invisible.  Every woman has felt this way at some point in her life, especially while transitioning through a life-changing circumstance.


But invisible also means visible within.  And that’s precisely what this process is all about – helping women re-connect to their mountain of inner value because that’s where true healing and the ability to transform one’s life ultimately begins.  I believe that every woman holds the power within to create the life of her dreams, no matter where she is starting out from.

“My deepest hope is that my work will guide you to embrace your highest potential, remind you of the truth of your essence and inspire you in your becoming as you welcome in the new life that awaits you. That you will take full ownership of yourself as the powerful and creative being that you are and that your will and your courage will continually guide you.  May you create all the love, beauty and power in your world that you so rightly deserve and may you pass this knowledge on to your daughters.  I hold your hand through this entire journey and I hold you lovingly in my heart.”

Desiree Marie Leedo


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Who is Desiree Marie Leedo?

Desiree is the founder and author of Invisible Goddess - a leading Divorce Recovery and Life Empowerment Specialist who is dedicated to helping women from all walks of life to heal after the betrayal or rejection of divorce - and then go on to create self-fulfilled new lives that they will love!

Desiree has fifteen years experience as a practitioner in the healing and personal development fields and has trained extensively with and facilitated alongside some of the worlds leading experts in her field (including Dr. Eric Pearl and Dr. John Demartini).

After moving country to progress her husband’s career, she was unexpectedly flung into a profound personal journey of healing and self-discovery when her marriage of 10 years broke up very suddenly, leaving many areas of her life devastated.

Her relentless search for real and practical help led her to discover that there was nothing available out there that specifically supported putting one’s life back together physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually step-by-step after a partner has chosen to walk out on the relationship.  She also came to understand that this was a turning point for her in creating the life she had often aspired to living.  She decided to turn inward and draw on her own unique mix of experience as a holistic practitioner and personal development coach, combining this with cutting-edge new techniques that she was learning.  This resulted in the formulation of a powerful step-by-step process for moving from powerless to powerhouse after a significant breakup.

Today Desiree shares her inspiring philosophies and techniques with women who are committed to reclaiming themselves and their lives - women who want to heal, tranform and empower inside and out and know how to keep it that way for life.  Women who believe that they can dream, believe and achieve and who want to be the role models for the daughters of tomorrow.