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Featured Article in Smart Healthy Women Magazine

Desiree’s article How REAL Self-Care Can Help You Receive So Much More This Year was featured this week in Smart Healthy Women Magazine as the Editor’s pick!  What a great way to start 2015. In this article, Desiree explains the pitfalls of using self-care as a reward to counter-balance a frenzied lifestyle and how tapping […]

Hay House Radio’s Jennifer Morris Chats to Desiree on Bright New Voices!

Jennifer Morris from Hay House Radio chats to Desiree Marie Leedo about her new book Invisible Goddess:  Step Out From The Shadow of Your Divorce, and Shine! on the Bright New Voices show! In this interview Desiree shares her personal journey after the devastation of being dumped by her husband after 10 years of marriage.  […]


Nobody can really hurt you. They’re only giving you their observation and you are giving it meaning. But you get to decide what that meaning is.

Desiree Marie Leedo

Feeling afraid or unworthy? Allow that emotion to help you extract useful information that can guide you instead of turning it inward and terrorizing yourself.

Desiree Marie Leedo

Change is always fearful to the separated because they cannot conceive of it as a move towards healing. They always perceive it as a move toward further separation because separation was their first experience of change.

A Course in Miracles

Comparing yourself to others only stunts your creative potential. Instead, follow your dreams for they are the hope of the future.

Desiree Marie Leedo

If you’re waiting for permission from someone else to be empowered, you’re never going to get there.

Desiree Marie Leedo