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  • Invisible Goddess Inspired Life: Workbook & CD Set Three – New Emerging You Home Study Program

    Designed for EVERY woman, not only those going through a breakup, to completely transform both your inner self and outer world. Connect your heart, mind and intuition as you formulate a new vision for creating the life of your dreams. Empower this vision with profound inner and outer personal transformation and create distinct action steps for bringing your inspired new life to fruition.

    This step-by-step instruction provides practical guidance and expert advice while walking you through powerful exercises and visualisations that will help you connect with the person you wish to become and what you truly wish to achieve. Access your mountain of inner value, connect with your purpose, address issues of low self-esteem, learn how to activate personal boundaries, practise the art of self-love, power up every of your life and fully express the new emerging you. You will also receive all the tools needed to be able to effortlessly re-direct your life at any turn.

    This 21-step instruction consists of 60-90 minute sessions that can be worked through on a daily basis or at your own pace.

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  • Reflections: Goals & Gratitudes Journal

    This beautiful and inspiring journal was created for you to be able to meet all your journaling needs as part of creating the life of your dreams.

    It has two distinct sections – one for writing down your goals, target dates and action steps – and another for your daily gratitude practice.

    Both journaling activities are essential to keeping you committed to your greater vision and your goals as you journey along the path to manifesting the life you love, from a place of love!

    (*300 Corner illustrated and lined pages for writing with section dividers)
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  • Inspired Goddess 2015 Diary & Life Planner

    More than just a day-to-day diary, this unique and beautifully illustrated Diary & Life Planner is a fun and empowering way to stay on track throughout the year.

    Filled with beautiful images and affirmations throughout to keep your spirits lifted.  The opening pages prompt you to reflect on and map out each of the eight areas that make up your ‘Wheel of Llife’, such as ‘Relationships’, ‘Finances’, ‘Career’, etc…

    Start each week with a beautiful illustration and uplifting affirmation – then set your goals for the week and end with a weekly review.

    This Daily Diary & Life Planner will help you stay focused on your goals so you can manifest the life of your dreams!


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Nobody can really hurt you. They’re only giving you their observation and you are giving it meaning. But you get to decide what that meaning is.

Desiree Marie Leedo

Feeling afraid or unworthy? Allow that emotion to help you extract useful information that can guide you instead of turning it inward and terrorizing yourself.

Desiree Marie Leedo

Change is always fearful to the separated because they cannot conceive of it as a move towards healing. They always perceive it as a move toward further separation because separation was their first experience of change.

A Course in Miracles

Comparing yourself to others only stunts your creative potential. Instead, follow your dreams for they are the hope of the future.

Desiree Marie Leedo

If you’re waiting for permission from someone else to be empowered, you’re never going to get there.

Desiree Marie Leedo