This book is dedicated to every woman who is struggling with issues of rejection, fear and depression after the devastation of Divorce and Separation, and who wishes to heal her heartache and reclaim her identity with an action plan for re-creating every area of her life!

Are you ready to transform your breakup into your greatest opportunity and emerge into a more meaningful life? Desiree Marie Leedo knows that divorce and separation are some of the greatest gifts you will ever receive with which to create a new life aligned with your true potential.


“Absolutely every challenge I was facing was tackled in the book. The tone is so uplifting and encouraging that I was spurred into action after just a few chapters. The exercises are straightforward but powerful and as my positive energy and confidence started to return, I noticed people were also responding to me in a positive way. Since completing the book I’ve changed my thought patterns, rooted out the draining influences in my life and I am now moving forward with the business plans that I had long since put on hold. What I really loved about the book is that the author had been through all the stresses and strains of divorce and her insight, wisdom and compassion for others in the same boat really took the thorns out of my situation. I would happily recommend it to anyone going through a separation – it’s a bedside table essential! Forget the tissue box and the moping on the sofa, there is so much more out there for you to experience and this book shows you how.” – Sam C – Public Relations Consultant


Invisible Goddess:  Step Out From The Shadows of Your Divorce, and Shine! is an excellent and comprehensive introduction to all three phases of Desiree’s process.  It combines a powerful mix of wisdom,  expert tips and advice, and practical exercises for successfully moving through every stage of the divorce process.

In this book, Desiree walks you through her entire process, step-by-step, guiding you through how to heal and transform every area of your life so that you can confidently emerge with the life of your dreams. You will learn how to:

  • Establish a daily essential self-care routine for healing and self-nurturing
  • Take an empowerment audit in each area of your life
  • Address the pain – your rollercoaster of emotions, fears and self-esteem challenges
  • Create an inspired new vision for your future and activate the tools for bringing it to fruition

Using a holistic approach you can expect real and lasting inner and outer transformation that will shift every area of your life – for life!

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What women who have read this book say they love most, is the warm and nurturing way in which Desiree accompanies you throughout each page and exercise.  Here’s what else they are saying in their Amazon reviews:


Rivka K.If you are at any process of a divorce, already divorced, or even going through a breakup (whether or not you were married), then I can not recommend Invisible Goddess highly enough. This is not a zip through read and put on the shelf. This book is one of those friends that you can come back to again and again when you need to cry, when you feel afraid, when it seems like nothing will be right again, when you need help. Desiree Leedo is a strong and compassionate writer. It is almost like she is sitting with you listening, nodding, and also gently encouraging you to the next and better part of your life. I don’t know what I would have done without this book. Don’t keep struggling alone and hurt, get some love and help. This book is a great place to start.

Blanche R. – I just LOVE your book. I found it 5 months into my separation, and have found the exercises invaluable in helping me re-frame my outlook. I have followed the exercises to the letter, and am reaping the rewards of your wisdom.   I only wish I had found it sooner.

Mary C. This is an excellent book for any woman or indeed man recovering from divorce or a relationship break-up.  It is extremely well thought out and the writing is flawless. Some parts are conversational in tone as the author talks about her personal experience of heart-break and subsequent recovery. This makes the book very real for the reader, while the tone shifts in other parts as Ms. Leedo takes on the mantle of teacher and facilitator in the recovery process towards greater self love.  The author poses interesting questions about the different dimensions to an emotionally healthy relationship. Along with this, there are exercises to do. In effect, it is like doing a self development course, if you go the whole way towards working through the stages that the author suggests.  I highly recommend the accompanying website for additional support.

David O.As a twice-divorced man, and a coach, I read this handbook for break-ups with fascination. Although written by, and for, a woman in crisis, its messages touched me deeply, and resonated with my own experience. Desiree writes with great insight and sensitivity.  On a practical level, she delivers a robustly positive map to navigate the reader through the nightmares of rejection and betrayal that can be at the heart of a broken relationship. A gifted coach, she uses many examples, not least her own personal experience, to steer the reader safely along the path to a new and richer life.  This is essential reading for all women – and men – who wish to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Professional Endorsements

“Invisible Goddess is not simply a book about moving beyond the past but creates an epic opening for all of us to create our strongest life and to never settle for anything less than blissful joy. Each phase of this book will create an unprecedented sense of freedom as Desiree provides the tools and gifts of gratitude to remove the shackles of a broken heart.  THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK!”
Dr. Pat Baccili (The Award-Winning Dr. Pat Show) – Transformation Talk Radio

“This book is a well-presented, practical self-help guide for women coping with the emotional and practical problems of divorce. What makes it stand out is the passion and authenticity with which Desiree presents her underlying philosophy and vision – a vision capable of transforming the lives of generations of women. I always feel there is a touch of magic about Desiree and that really comes through as you read.”
Mike Harris – Founder of Iconic Shift, Founder and ex-CEO of First Direct and Egg Banking plc

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